Land Protection

As hikers, we appreciate the ability to hike in beautiful places and rack up off-road miles. As trail maintainers, we give sweat and take pride in keeping those trails in shape. None of us want to hear the words……………”We’ve lost access to our trail.”

During our 2018 TrailFest Celebration, we focus a portion of our program on the importance of keeping the land available for our use. We will share stories about how we accomplish this and times when we’ve come close to losing access. We will talk about how each of us can help keep the land available for our future use.

Our event will start with a land manager roundtable on Wednesday, sponsored by the National Park Service. Mark Weaver, Superintendent of the North Country National Scenic Trail, has invited several key leaders in Ohio for an opportunity to share the stage and talk about specific strategies and share their perspectives. On Saturday, we have invited Josh Knights, the Executive Director of the Ohio Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, as keynote speaker for an evening program night event focused on trail preservation and land protection.

Both of these events will offer tremendous opportunity for you, as an attendee of TrailFest Celebration, to have a say about this important topic.

Stay tuned to this page as the details of our dedication to trail preservation and land protection unfolds. We have lots to share!